There are presently no open calls for submissions.


Everything and all of us are connected on every conceivable scale, from the subtle subatomic bonds in the smallest building blocks of matter to the massive interconnected root system of the 80,000 year old Pando aspen grove.

In our hectic modern world people build bridges, knock down walls and create networks to fight isolation and forge strong connections around the globe. Ideas and inspiration spread across the boundaries of location, medium, class and culture: mind maps on cosmic scale. We are each a collection of connections, our root systems shaped by influences of our families, friends, collaborators and heroes. Our links and bonds each tell a story about who we are and where we’ve been.

Whether you answer by pulling back to see this web from afar, or by closely tracing each filament to its root, our question for this elementia is: what connects you?


elementia is a teen literary zine published to represent and uplift young adults (up to age 19). Submissions must be original work. We welcome simultaneous submissions (things that you're sending elsewhere for consideration) and pieces that have been previously published (as long as you hold the publication rights). 

Poetry, Short Story and Essay Submissions

There aren't any word count limitations, but we encourage submitters to pick their best excerpts from pieces that are too long for publication in a magazine. Each piece of writing or art should be submitted as an individual entry, but there is no limit to the number of pieces you can submit. Please send us your most final draft, as our editing stage only allows for minimal adjustments.

Looking for feedback on your writing?  Use your Johnson County Library card to access the Writing Lab from Brainfuse HelpNow!

Art Submissions

 Visual art submissions will be treated as graphics may be subject to alteration (including, but not limited to: cropping, flipping, and other changes).